Good App Store Applications


Ever since I got the iPhone 3G last July, I have been almost fanaticaly trying apps. I’m certainly one who contributed to the 500 million downloads on app store.

Lately I’m finding that the iPhone has become anessential part on organizing my life and my important information.

I’m even now choosing apps for my MacBook based on what exists for iPhone. I find that software that syncs between iPhone and Mac has a high productivity ratio. Organizing data on the Mac is still faster than on iPhone, after that I just sync with tha apps on iPhone and outside my house, carrying only my iPhone I have all my data consultation/input needs solved.

I managed to group some very good iPhone apps for my everyday life. Some of them sync, some of them export, some of them import. Regarding this I also came to understand and like the “cloud” everybody is talking about. I’m using Apple MobileMe Contacts, Mail, Favorites and iDisk Sync with great success.


I was a Windows Mobile user ever since the first compaq iPaqs. I had several PocketPCs and later PocketPhones, and I searched and searched for the apps to make me productive. Appart from a very few good cases, I never managed to get “the successful experience”.

About this experience on the iPhone and about this great group of apps I will be posting reviews here because they are doing so much for me.


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