Organizing your iPhone screens

PatrickJ from has posted a good article that is meant as a complaint to Apple regarding the iPhone’s poor organizing skills for its screens and apps.

It is indeed an annoyance and one that should not be dificult to correct, so why hasn’t Apple given us something already?

One user (ssschmidt) commented on the blog a technique that I tried and liked it. It involves leaving some slots on the bottom menu bar free to put app icons to pass to other screens. here’s my take on that:

But this isn’t a solution, it’s the only option to simplify accessible to us. Fortunately, some very good iPhone users/developers are resourceful and with a jailbreak iPhone there are by now several alternatives.

Note: I don’t know them yet because I haven’t jailbreaken mine yet. I don’t trust iTunes restores and I still have some important apps that don’t have other means to restore. Luckily the most important one of these (StuffRadar) is getting a backup/restore solution of its own soon. So jailbreak is near.

Anyway, coming back to the subject at hand, I have an idea regarding what it could be a solution. As a point to  simplify Apple work this one does not involve changing the iPhone UI because it is based on iTunes. I already sent Apple a feedback mail some time ago about this.


Managing IPhone apps on iTunes is for now a non existing art. I mean, what can we do with just a list of icons and names?

What if:

1) We could manage the icons on iTunes with the same configuration of our iPhone screens?- There would be space to see several screens at once and drag icons from one to anyone other with the mouse.
– There could be a buffer area to put apps on hold until we drag them to the desired screen.
– There could be an area to drag apps to uninstall them. From this area we would drag icons to the desired iPhone screen to install them.
– There could be some auto-arrange rules defined by us like classify apps from 5 to 1 stars and put them on order of preference, or organize them by type (games, utilities, productivity, etc) where we choose which type to each screen, or even mix these rules. The rules could be saved like playlists and chosen later at will.
– Of course this organized screens would pass to iPhone by sync.

2) Also Clicking on any icon should open the app store on that app. Sometimes I don’t remember what a given app is and the info on iTunes is null. I have to manually search for that name on the app store.

I don’t think this would be dificult to implement on iTunes. Most of this work it’s already done for the Music Library management.

What do you think? Would this help you?

4 Responses to “Organizing your iPhone screens”

  1. I’m also looking for an auto-arrange feature.

  2. Or quite simply, organize apps by how often we use them. How hard is that to do?

  3. Bob Rasmussen Says:

    Apple could address this pretty easily. in Itunes show a list of our applications (this could be listed alphabetically or randomly) and give each icon space a designator, each screen has 16 spaces and you can have 11 screens, number the screens A thru K and the spaces would be A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3 etc. there would be a column next to the description and you assign them to spots and they stay locked until you change them.
    oh and the bottom bar could be 01, 02, 03, 04

    ie: App Store – A1
    Camera – A4
    Itunes – C16

    having them sort by usage is not good they are always moving and you don’t know where to find it.

    Also allow for slightly larger fonts, us old guys can’t see too well.

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