Apple App Store and App usage

There are recent news regarding BIG App Store downloads but poor downloaded app usage. We can see these reports everywhere, here’s a link for a good article:

Well, I think that these reports are presented in the wrong perspective. It may be true that many apps are seldom used but one needs to take into account what the apps downloaded are for. These articles are not doing that. What do I mean? For me downloaded apps are in three groups regarding its usage:

1) The ones that turn out to be used everyday –> 

Everyone knows that the apps that we use everyday or almost everyday are much less than the ones that we downloaded. In my case there are a few like Things, SplashID, BeejiveIM, Zenbe Lists, StuffRadar, LogMeIn, Instaviz, iOwn, AppSniper and a few others.

2) The ones that are installed but seldom used –>

But are the others forgotten? Were they a waste of time and money? NO! WHY NOT? Because many of them they may be seldom used but are important as well.

For instance, I have one app I like called GasHog. It’s a very good app where I can register every-time I put gas on my car. Fortunately I only need to do this every two or three months. So If I use the app only for that, since I bought it I used it at most 5 times. But is it less valuable for me because of that? No! It’s very valuable because over time I will have every record of my money spent on Gas, and how much mileage did that gas give me.

One other example: I have ICE. It’s an app where I put my important medical data, my emergency contacts, my identification. The purpose of this app is to give information about me that is important in the case of any serious emergency. Do I want to use this app? NO!!!! But is it not valuable? Of course it is! This one app I only used two or three times.

I have several other apps like this one (CalcConv, ICE, WineSnob, Carpenter, etc), seldom used but valuable. I mean, that’s what they were made for, and that’s why I bought them. So they are on my iPhone until I use them. Their main purpose is to give my iPhone functions and capabilities that I want if and when I need them. 

3) Apps that are experimented but turn out to not be useful, have bugs that make them unusable, or are just not preferred over others that do the same thing, so they are uninstalled –>

Of course there are other apps that I download, try them one or two times and them decide to uninstall. Just like that. But is this bad? For me it’s a good way to keep the iPhone always fresh, new and interesting. That’s something that VERY FEW other competitors can claim, but iPhone has it because users can keep experimenting with new apps everyday if they want. This isn’t even expensive: I bought one app called AppSniper where I keep taps on my preferred apps still not bought. Whenever there’s a change in its price the app tells me and I keep buying promos very cheap or free.

So a lot of apps are seldom used. BIG DEAL! That’s what keeps my iPhone interesting. Good one for Apple.

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