Reasons to Jailbreak the iPhone/iPod Touch are plenty… Would you?

I finally got around to studying what Jailbreak is all about. I must say: I GOT IMPRESSED!!!

It’s incredible what a few very strong minded and gifted persons can do to a device that was developed by a Hardware and software giant like Apple. After jailbreaking the iPhone and installing a few apps the result is SO MUCH MORE than what Apple gives us… it’s just unbelievable but true. Congratulations to the community! You guys are AWSOME!!!

But what is there to gain? It’s so much that it’s almost difficult to transmit…

I Think I’ll start with a few topics to get your curiosity going:

  • Copy and Paste support (Clippy and hClipboard)
  • Background running of Third party apps (Backgrounder)
  • Dock that allows us to open apps without exiting other apps (Dock)
  • Notifications on Top Bar for SMSs, MMSs, Mails, IMs, Calendar, Calls, Silence ON, etc (StatusNotifier)
  • Use iPhone as a WiFi Router to give Internet from the 3G Carrier to a Notebook (PdaNet)
  • Configurable Themes for the Screens, Icons, Backgrounds, Text, etc (Winterboard + Themes)
  • Organizing Icons into Folders (Categories) 
  • Use one Icon as a Stack (Stack)
  • Hide unwanted Icons (Poof)
  • Video Recording (Cycorder)
  • Security applications that activate contact, gps information and backup functionalities when the iPhone is stolen or lost (Cylay)
  • still much more to go… 


Do you guys know the website It’s all about users voting for requested features on iPhone/iPod Touch. Here it’s notable what users found more important because there are thousands of votes on the requests. 

Request 1) With more than 46000 votes comes MULTITASKING, that is running apps on the background. With a jailbreak iPhone you can, just install an app called Backgrounder.

Request 3) With over 43000 votes comes COPY AND PASTE. Again, wish granted for Jailbreak devices. There are two good apps for this: Clippy and hClipboard. Both of them attach to the keyboard ad work great. I think I prefer Clippy though.

Request 7) With over 29000 votes comes the request for Full Arabic support. With jailbreak there are advances in Arabic support but I didn’t really understood if they are Full support or just advances.

Request 8) With over 24000 votes comes VIDEO RECORDING. With a Jailbreak iPhone you can install Cycorder which records video and compresses it in real-time as it is saved. Very nice.

Request 10) With over 21000 votes comes being bale to HIDE UNWANTED ICONS from iPhone. With Jailbreak you can install an app called POOF which does exactly that. Wish granted.

Request 16) With over 20000 votes comes the request for the ability to use iPhone as a tether device to give Internet access to a computer via WiFi. Again wish granted using a Jailbreak app called PdaNet.

So, from the 16 most voted requests, 6 very important ones are solved exclusively because of the effort put to Jailbreak and develop solutions for Jailbreak iPhones and iPod Touches. In my book these guys are helping Apple.

A lot more things are possible on Jailbreak iPhones/iPods Touch, but just a few of the ones mentioned here are enough to justify it.


4 Responses to “Reasons to Jailbreak the iPhone/iPod Touch are plenty… Would you?”

  1. Hi. May I ask you where I can find (or just its name) the first battery theme (third image, with coloured leds) in the weblog.
    Thanks a lot

  2. thanks for this im adding this blog to my twitter.

  3. can i ask somethink i need to know where i can get cydia and installer on ipod touch if you have an idea please send on my email…tnx

  4. can i ask something i need to know where i can get cydia and installer on ipod touch if you have an idea please send on my email…tnx

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