StuffRadar2 Review: Your Media Library in your iPhone

Ever been in a store with great discounts in DVDs, Books and CDs looking at something at a incredible price but you couldn’t remember if you already had it?

For these situations you could just take out your iPhone / iPod Touch and open your Media Library to search for it. If you had a good Media Library on the iPhone… well, now you can.

By the end of January Synium released the version 2 of StuffRadar for the iPhone. I’ve been using this app since its initial release in Aug 2008 but it was plagued by a serious bug that made it loose entries. Several attempts were made to solve these issues but that wasn’t the case.

Finally comes StuffRadar 2 that I was glad to verify that no longer looses entries and becomes a serious usable app. Best of all several improvements were added that gave it a new value. More on them later.

StuffRadar2 is sold on Apple AppStore for 6,99€ which given the quality and value of the application I consider well justified.

The purpose of this app is to keep a detailed record of your Movies and Series (VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc), your Books and Magazines, your Audio CDs and your Games. By detailed record I mean image and most of the information found on any Amazon. You can also have a WishList of Stuff you don’t have but want, and change items from here to the Library when you buy them.

On Settings you define which Amazon store you want to use for searching items (options are USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany). I always set mine on United Kingdom and when something isn’t found change it to France. This way I can find almost everything.

To add one item you can search Movies by Actor, Director or Movie name, or Audio CDs by Title or Artist name or Books by Title or Author name or Games for Title or Publisher name. The search gives a Listing of items from where you can check one or more to add to the Library or WishList.

There is also a way to import listings of items from files exported by other applications. Since it was only added on version 2 and I already had all my Media on the Library I didn’t use this function extensively. I added some Books this way and it worked alright after setting the exported file to TXT with column separator “;” and list items separator “,”.

Although opening the app takes longer than wished (around 30 seconds), after that all the interface is very responsive and scrolling the Lists is very smooth even with over 700 titles on DVDs like in my case. There’s even a Coverflow screen when you rotate the device although it’s not as smooth as Apple’s Coverflow, but it’s perfectly usable.

Included new in the version 2 came a excellent way of Browsing the Library from your PC/MAC browser, a WebDAV server  implemented on the app. It shows a URL that you can use to access the app from any computer browser in the same WiFi network. You can even protect the access with User/Password.

From the Browser it’s possible to make Backups of the app database, Restoring those Backups, as well as importing items from files exported from other applications. 



I must say: this Backup/Restore function gave me a very new confidence on this app because it took me a lot of time to input all my items (it was done one by one, there was no import then). 

There’s not any app to sync on the PC/MAC but the Browser Viewer and Backup/Restore options kind of replaces part of that function. I would like that application to exist though. Even greater would be to be able to sync with a very good MAC app called Delicious Library.

There’s not much more to say, the application is simple, but generally good apps are. All in all is a great app that will be with me always. I highly recommend it.


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